Summer 2018 Quarterly Newsetter

Newsletter Summer 2018 by Marion Nuttall. Secretary @ SALTSC | 19th July 2018


Welcome to our Club`s first Newsletter and a particular welcome to the 50 new members who joined us recently. We are now halfway through the traditional tennis season which has been a busy time with a number of events as well as league matches.

The Open Day on Saturday 16th June was successful and well attended considering it rained - the only wet day for weeks! Despite this 37 new members joined us on the day [some even ventured out on the courts] making the membership number 278 moving towards this year`s target of 300. Please recommend the Club to anyone who might be interested, we particularly need more ladies to allow more flexibility for the tennis teams. We do have excellent facilities, well looked after by Committee Member Alex Goldie and his volunteers.

Club Night - Tuesdays from 6.30pm, with free lights & balls, has been much more successful this year and members appreciate `hosting` by our head coach Jonathan Churchman and members of the Tennis Committee. The number of attendees is growing weekly with 3-4 courts regularly in use. It is particularly helpful for new members to get to know other members so please come and support it if you can. Regrettably Tuesday nights are when Ribble League matches are held which obviously prevents those team players from joining in. Hopefully next year the new Tennis Committee will try to avoid this clash.

The Club currently has six teams in the Fylde League plus two in the Ribble League and two Junior Boys Teams.

The Ladies 1st Team, captain Sarah Barraclough, is essentially last year`s 2nd Team which brought the team up to Division 2. After a slow start and finding play much faster than in Division 3 they are now enjoying more success and currently are 4th out of 7. The standard is good so please come and support the Team in avoiding relegation: Home matches are on Wednesday nights.

The Ladies 2nd Team is a new team in Division 5. At the beginning of this year`s season the Club had potentially two teams in Division 2 but a number of the then first team became unavailable. It was initially thought it best to have just one team but Maureen Pemberton approached members about a new team and the Fylde League agreed to it playing in Division 5. She was delighted with the positive response she received and the team, made up of a mixture of ladies who have played in teams before and others for whom competitive tennis is a new experience, is currently second in the league and only 1 point behind the leaders with 4 more matches to play. We wish them every success.

The Men`s 1st & 2nd Teams are enjoying a very good season. The Men`s 1st Team, Captain Joe Ridings, is currently at the top of Division 1 with the 2nd Team captained by Russ Baker in second place in Division 2. The 1st Team have been very dominant, winning 20 points out of 24 in the 6 matches played. Currently they have a comfortable 4 point lead over their closest rival, Broughton LTC. They are obviously intending to play as well as they can to retain the winning title and is praying for better weather for the remaining matches as - unbelievable as it may seem, most of the matches have been played in gale-force winds and sometimes rain.

The National League Team has just been promoted last year to the Regional Division which is an outstanding achievement as some of the opposing teams included top County players. This made some matches very tough but this aside, the team managed to win the important matches key for it to stay up with some going to a `shoot-out` and taking place over a few hours. The team`s success in avoiding relegation from this league cannot be overstated and its players are looking forward to next year when they intend to work towards a promotion.

The two Ribble League Teams, Captains Russ Baker & Stuart Masheter, are halfway in Divisions 1 & 2 respectively. This is the first season in Division 2 for our 2nd team which was promoted last year and they are finding the matches tough but hopefully will retain their position. A number of players have represented the Club and home matches are alternate Tuesdays.

Our boys have two teams in the Fylde League: U-14s & U-16s. Unfortunately both teams are near the bottom at the moment but may improve their positions in the second half of the season. Disappointingly we do not have a girls` team and the recruitment of lady and girl players must be a priority for Club in the future.

Two Junior events have taken place recently, each one interesting to watch and each one very different to the other.
The first consisted of two LTA County Junior Matches organised by Jonathan Churchman on 5th-7th and 26th-27th May. On the first weekend U-14 girls from 6 counties: Berkshire, Cumbria, Isle of Man, S & W Scotland & Lancashire, competed, with Lancashire winning. The tennis was outstanding and we wonder if we will see any of the girls in big tournaments in a few years time. The second event was the U-10 girls from Lancashire, Durham & Cleveland, Yorkshire. N & W Scotland and Cheshire, the latter winning. Again we were impressed by the techniques demonstrated and the girls` movement about the court.

A number of members helped with the grounds and bar & refreshments. The Committee asked for all helpers to be thanked especially Jonathan & Barbara Reynolds for excellent refreshments. The events raised approximately £1000 for the Club.
On 19th June 6 courts were used by pupils from five local primary schools playing mini-tennis on a small court using softer balls. Some of us played on the nearby courts and the enjoyment and involvement of the pupils was good to see.

Richard Graham responded enthusiastically to my request for information and the following events up to December 2018 are already planned.
1. Sunday 15th July--Wimbledon Men`s Singles Final followed by the World Cup Final.
Tennis Tournament at 11am then the Men`s Tennis Final at 2pm. Pimms and strawberry teas available during the day. Richard has promised to arrange for a second TV should the tennis overlap with the football.

2. Saturday 28th July - Best of British Night.
A three-course meal - salmon. Aberdeen Angus roast beef + trimmings, strawberries & cream--waitress service for round tables of 6-8. Live duo singing classic British tunes from the last 50 years. Tickets cost £20 but hurry if you want to come as only a few are left.

3. October - date tbc. Race Night
A repeat of the very popular & successful event last year run once again by the `unstable` Ian Bradshaw. Six horse races with real betting. Food available.

4. Saturday 15th December - Christmas Party.
Hot buffet and entertainment as last year by the Vineyard.

Do come and support these.

So far this year we have been delighted to see such a large number of members, some of them fairly new, who have given up their time to help in the organisation and running of events and in working for the Club. It is probably not a good idea to try to name them all as inevitably one or two would be missed but it may be worth listing some jobs volunteers are undertaking: refreshments & staffing the bar regularly; hosting events like Club Night, poker & backgammon evenings; keeping the grounds tidy including painting the benches and looking after the plant tubs; keeping records of the membership, organising social events and last but not least the high quality & visibility of Tennis notices. The latter and the high quality of maintenance of the grounds have drawn unsolicited praise from visitors to the Club. The Committee would like to thank everyone involved for their ideas and hard work. Without these volunteers things would not be possible.

Two ideas being muted at the moment are: [i] the setting up of a Social Committee following on from the successful and developing work of the Tennis Committee and [ii] starting a weekly Table Tennis Night--possibly on Wednesdays or Thursdays. If any of you are interested in either of these please contact a member of the Committee.

This summer will see the launch of Monkey Tennis, our new Tennis Singles game. It is essentially an online tennis singles ladder open to all abilities from beginners to the Club`s top players. The game is played by challenging those above you. If you win you will go up the ladder [and your opponent will come down]. If your opponent wins s/he scores CHAMPION POINTS. The game is all about `seeing off` challenges. The higher up the ladder you are the more points you get for beating a challenger. You can play as often or as little as you like with prizes at the end of the year for those with the most points and glory for those at the top of the ladder. It will start in earnest after the end of the match season but is currently being tested so you can sign up now and start playing straight away.
Log into `MyTennis` below and select the `Monkey Tennis` link to read more and to sign up.

The Club is in a scheme with a company called `Recyclaball` in which we can be given money for recycling tennis balls: £18 for 100 balls & £40 for 200. There is a tub for collection by the door leading from the lounge to the tennis courts. Please use it----clear out your car/garage/house!!----the amount raised will be announced on the notice board.

Soon the club will be offering some small items of sports equipment such as racquet grips and vibration dampers for sale behind the bar. Also note that Club shirts [£15 each] are still available. Contact Sarah Barraclough for details.

I hope you enjoyed reading this first Newsletter. It is very much on trial at this stage and consideration is being given to producing a similar version every 3 months. Its content is dependent on receiving information from members involved in different aspects of the Club`s activities and I would like to thank all those who contributed information for this first publication and Kenny Broadbent on the Tennis Committee for building this system.

If you have any suggestions or comments please contact the Committee.

Enjoy Wimbledon!

Marion Nuttall