Spring 2019 Quarterly Newsletter

Newsletter Spring 2019 by Marion Nuttall. Secretary @ SALTSC | 1st April 2019

Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2019.
Following the AGM in February we have a number of new Committee Members managing the Club`s business. Sarah Barraclough was elected Chair and her letter to members is included below. Kenny Broadbent, Robin Baddley and Sarah are working as a Finance Sub-Committee. Stuart Masheter is the Tennis Chair. Barbara Reynolds is helping with administrative work and the bar. Returning members to the Committee are Alex Goldie who, to the great relief of everyone, is continuing to look after the grounds and clubhouse and Tim Davies, this time as Squash Chair.
The Committee asked me to thank the previous Committee Members - Bel Greenwood, Terry McEwing & Kevin Eastham who put in so much work over a number of years.

Dear Members,
I am honoured to have been elected as your Chairman for the coming year. For those of you who don't know me, I have been a member of SALTSC since 1996 when we moved to the area.
I started playing tennis with the Clubs former coach, Bruce Garner and have been playing for the Fylde League Ladies Teams ever since - for 20 years.
My career in teaching led to me being a headteacher in Preston for many years but I have recently changed my role and am now a School Adviser, which has left more space to do some work for the Club. I'm not very good at standing at the side and being grumpy about what is/isn't happening, so I'm relishing the challenge of helping our Club to become a profitable, sustainable and happy place.

One of the first actions of the new Committee has been to prepare for a LTA Safeguarding Audit. This is the tennis world`s equivalent of OFSTED and has needed a lot of preparation from both myself and the Welfare Officer, Sarah Robson. We were both interviewed at the Club on Saturday 16 March for over 2 hours in which we had to provide evidence of club structures which ensure safeguarding standards are in place. Thankfully we passed.
Looking forward, I am fully committed to moving our Club to a stronger position. My `to do list` is currently long and includes looking at finance, communication and the website, tournaments, underlying administrative systems and coaching.
If any member would like to discuss any matter with me regarding making the Club better or other suggestions, please contact me, preferably by e-mail, and I will get back to you.
Yours sincerely

Sarah and Kenny Broadbent told me of the work they, and others on the Committee, had been doing since their election at the AGM. Before elaborating I think it`s pertinent to say that this new Committee has worked continuously and tirelessly, most of the work not being immediately visible, since its election.
Charged with a clear direction of the need to save money the Committee has taken the decision to radically reduce administration hours to be paid for. For the foreseeable future half the hours will be worked by volunteers from the Committee. The club office is now open: Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 09.30-10.30 and Tuesdays 09.00-12.00.

Updating technology is in progress to support a different bar tariff for members and non-members which should make private functions for non-members more profitable.

Progress is being made on a new website which, as well as being an attractive shop window to prospective new members, will also automate some administrative fuctions such as Function Room booking and new member enquiries. Although it is by no means the finished article it is currently live: http://www.stannestennis.co.uk.

Staff Handbooks, Policies, Procedural Guidelines have been produced to ensure compliance with Employment Legislation. Other tasks completed include setting up internet banking, installation of fire safety equipment and ongoing safety checks and maintenance required by law.

Our new Tennis Chairman, Stuart Masheter, is looking forward to the imminent start of the Tennis season. Stuart started playing tennis at St. Annes when he was about 14 years old and represented the club in both junior & senior Fylde teams. Following time away from the area at university and then in London he moved back to the area in 2015 and immediately re-joined the Club and has played for the teams ever since, currently for the Men`s 2nd. Fylde League Team.
Stuart has a lot of experience relevant to his role, he co-organised a singles league with approximately 80 players in London and is a qualified Tennis Official having umpired at many low level pro tournaments and line judged at many professional tournaments including 8 Wimbledons. Watch out in the Club Tournament, don`t argue with him!! Stuart has also successfully completed a Level 1 Tennis Coaching Award and is planning to do a Level 2 this summer.
Club Nights have already started on Tuesday nights from 6.30pm and John Barraclough is providing delicious homemade food for just £1, all proceeds go to the Club. Everyone is welcome.
Stuart is also overseeing Team Practice Nights [both mens & ladies] every Wednesday from 6.30pm. Fylde League matches start at the beginning of May and fixtures are posted on the tennis noticeboard. All teams welcome your support so come and watch some excellent tennis. Home night matches are as follows:
Mens 1st & 2nd Teams Div. 1 & 2 - Alternate Fridays
Mens 3rd Team Division 4 - Wednesday
Mens 4th Team Div 5 - Thursday
Mens 5th Team Div 8 - Monday
Ladies 1st Team Div 2 - Wednesday
Ladies 2nd Team Div 4 - Thursday

Regretfully Jonathan Churchman, Head Tennis Coach, is leaving the Club on 13 April. We all thank Jonathan for his hard work and his contributions to the Club. The Committee is seeking to make a new appointment at the earliest opportunity. You can see our advert on the LTA website here.

Tim Davies has been a member of the Club since the early 1980s and, following his election at the AGM, takes on the role of Squash Chairman for the second time, although the first time he did it was so long ago he`s not sure when it was! Tim is keen to stress how well the Squash Section coped without a Chair and doesn`t see the role as changing things but simply ensuring basic administrative tasks get done in a timely manner.
With two weeks to go before the NWCSL season finishes, the Club`s 3 Squash Teams are looking forward to celebrating what will hopefully be a successful season in which all three manage to retain their positions in Divisions 2, 3 and 5 respectively.
The 1st Team has played 22, won 3, lost 19 and is currently just above the relegation zone [3 teams to go down]. The 2nd Team has also played 22, won 8, lost 14 and is placed 4th from the bottom [2 teams to go down]. The 3rd Team has been the most successful having played 19, won 8, lost 11 and is currently occupying a mid-Division position.
Tim reports that, having watched the home teams on most Thursday evenings during the season, he has been impressed by the positive camaraderie among all three teams and the sporting spirit in which they have played their matches, aided in no small way by the fact that they can look forward to some cordon bleu cooking from Rob Brentwood when their matches have finished. There has also pleasingly been a good turn-out of supporters on Thursday nights with the Club`s generous benefactor, Alex Russel, invariably present on the front row of the tiered seats on court 3.
The Club Squash Tournaments, ably organised by Keith Murray, are nearing completion and Squash Social Nights on Mondays will continue as the season draws to a close.

A collective sigh of relief was heard as Alex Goldie was re-elected to the role of House Chairman. The Club is indebted to the time Alex spends working for the Club and the money the Club saves.
On Wednesday 20 March 2019 Alex accompanied former President, Kevin Eastham, to the Council Offices where a planning application for one indoor tennis court was heard and approved. This will lead to a lot of debate and members` views will be sought and considered. There is still the very big question of funding!

The tennis courts are due to be cleaned ready for matches starting and during the `off-season` for squash Alex & Tim will be cleaning the court walls.
More volunteers are helping in the never ending list of jobs that need doing but we do need more. Please try to help if you can, speak to any member of the Committee.
Speaking of volunteers, Alex asked me to thank particularly Eva Graham for weeding and clearing the paths and the backs of the tennis courts. Eva was recently seen leaving a very wet tennis court, when spray from bouncing balls made it almost impossible to see, only to exchange her racket for gardening tools and a bucket and her sports clothes for waterproofs and go back outside to do more weeding. The paths now look very good.

Finally enjoy the summer we wish the Tennis Teams a successful and enjoyable season.
Marion Nuttall