Imrans Tennis Coaching Profile Page

Tennis Coaching with Imran by Imran Aswat @ SALTSC | 22nd August 2019

My name is Imran Aswat and I have just started to coach tennis after quite an amazing journey playing tennis for a living for the past 6 years.

I started tennis at the age of 7 and played at county level whereby I won the under 9's, under 10's, under 12's, under 14's, under16's and under 18's. I also represented the county tennis team ay all age groups. We won the men's county cup as well.

As I improved I began to play at national level whereby I really got a bug for competing and improving my game. I competed with some of the best including Kyle Edmund, Dan Evans.

I continued this journey by competing in the junior ITF's and found this quite difficult as I balanced my education with tennis. I then spoke to my parents and we decided that education must be completed and then they would support my aspirations of playing tennis full time.

After I completed my education I began to train hard for 6 months and competed on the ITF mens tour whereby I got my first ATP point at the age of 17. This was a landmark and it gave me the belief to continue. I started to travel abroad to compete and learnt quickly the mental strengths required to compete on the international level and I absolutely loved the buzz going into each match.

I have trained abroad in Italy, Germany and France (Mouratoglou) where the likes of Serena Williams and Grigor Dimitrov trained. When I returned I went to train in Bath University. I was also used for hitting with Anna Ivanovic and Jeremy Chardy. I also was hitting at Bath with Dan Evans.

I got a career high of 980 and was playing some great tennis when injury took hold and had to have hip surgery which put me out for about 6 months. I started my recovery and due to not competing lost my ATP ranking points. I trained hard again and went out on tour. On my first tournament back I got an ATP point and continued my journey reaching two quarter finals and a semi final, however this was not without a lot of pain in my knees. The compensation that was due to my hips meant that I would be out again for a minimum of 1 year. At this point I decided that I would continue to do something that I love and took on a course for coaching.

I would love to pass on my experience and some of the fantastic coaching I have received to benefit and help others. I want to become the best that I can be in this field.